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"It’s really quite simple. You won’t kill me because you can’t, just as I could never kill you.”


“Oh I most certainly can, if I wished it. Now, if I remember correctly, this face of yours Doctor is fairly young, which makes me much older. A bit out of your time range, are you?” jxllybaby

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The rules are: Answer the questions the person who tagged you asked and write 11 new ones. Tag 11 new people. Message the people you’ve tagged to let them know that you’ve tagged them. Have fun! 

What’s your favorite holiday and why?

My favorite holiday is Christmas because that means free time. And possibly presents. 

What/Who’s your spirit animal? 


If there’s one thing you’ve learned from RPing, what is it?

Never give up, it gets better. 

Who does  your muse love to RP with the most?

Oh, I don’t know… *cough*river*cough* bookofspoilers

Who do you trust more than anybody else?

I don’t trust anyone. 

What’s one talent that you’re proud of?

Um, talent.. ha.. I can work well under pressure.. does that count?

List a few songs that you’re able to listen to over and over again, and never get sick of.

  • My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (by you know who) 
  • A Drop in the Ocean - Ron Pope
  • Monster - Imagine Dragons
  • Little Lion Man - Mumford & Sons
  • Icarus - Bastille 

What was the most recent fandom you’ve joined and how much do you like it?

Well… the most recent would be Supernatural and that dates back to two years ago. And I like it very much, I hate it, but I love it too much to stop. 

If you had the entire day to spend with your muse, what would you do or what would you like to happen? 

First off, I’d try to get away from the crazy maniac. I enjoy life at the moment and rather not be a casualty of his schematics. But all that aside, I’d like to spend the day planning how to take over the world. 

Name a song that instantly makes you think of your muse?

Don’t Mess With Me - Temposhark //or// I Can’t Decide - Scissor Sisters

What is one memory that is ever so clear in your mind, that you know you will never ever be able to forget?

It’s so long ago but I remember it so clearly, I cheated on a spelling test back the 1st grade. The desks were old, wooden ones, that had those empty spaced under ‘em for books. Aligned in straight rows, and I could see over the shoulder of my classmate. The teacher had said to spell, “level,” and provided a sentence that was somewhere along the lines of “the football level… etc.” Now, I knew how to spell level, but I was unfamiliar with her sentence structure, because I understood level as levels in a building, nothing to do with football. So, naturally, I assumed it was one of those homonyms, like threw and through. I didn’t know how to spell that kind of ‘level’ and peaked at the other paper, saw her spell it as “leval” and wrote that. I got one wrong on that test. 

If I get 6 ‘READ’ s The Mun Shall Record Themselves Reading a Passage of Literature 

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"Jest one? I could give yeh a couple reasons not tae kill me." 

"Fer starters, I’m absolutely broke,
so yeh’d not be gettin’ paid fer annihilatin’ me.”


"Secondly, I haven’t even finished the last chaptarh of mae novel." 


"Tae be honest, I think that’s a damn good reason alone.
Ef I were a homicidal maniac, I’d at least let mae victim off easy
ef they were tryin’ tae finish a good read.”



“You’re messing with me, aren’t you? What sort of fool uses a book as an excuse? A pathetic defense, indeed, but I’ll take it.”


“Because of that face. A familiar one, yes, though I’m certain, we’ve never met. Why are you wearing that face?”


                                              But if you ( l o v e d ) me
                                                 Why’d you leave me?


Doctor Who MBTI Chart ~by fanpupme


Doctor Who MBTI Chart
~by fanpupme

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Holy shit even if you dislike doctor who this is rad


The Master tries subtler means of persuasion.


The Master tries subtler means of persuasion.

dreamerthedreamlord whispered:


Send a “¬_¬” for some bad advice from my muse!!

“Ever tried eating a bowl of chocolate before bed? The dreams that follow are incredible they say, care to test that theory?”


   The Doctor let out a growl, stalking away around the console. He didn’t want the other Time Lord anywhere near him.

      “—my wife is dead and
         today is what would have
         been our anniversary. So,
         forgive me if I’m not in the
         mood to play with you. Go

   Standing straight across from the Doctor, the Master rested both hands down on the console, leaning his weight forward, with a look of false pity on his face. 

     “Awww… how tragic. 
     Now the stars are forever lonely,
     with no one in the universe
     to make up for your pain.
     Cheer up! This isn’t the first time
     you’ve lost one close to you,
     and it certainly won’t be the last.
     My, my, this tragedy has consumed you
     in aura of self-inflicted pain,
     agony, and hatred. I like it.” 

With every word [ pain ] the Master took a step [ agony ] closer to the Doctor, one foot in front of the other [ hatred ]. Three steps. 


      “Piss off, Koschei.”

   His voice came out in a sudden, snapping snarl. His hands balled into tight fists.

      “I am not in the mood
         for your childish little
         homoerotic games.”

His eyes darkened at the use of his name, but for only a moment. A grin reappeared over his expression, taking a few steps closer to the angry man. 

   “Oh but they need not be childish,
     unless you look upon them in that way.

   “Do you abhor all you come across?
     I would think not, so tell me Doctor,
     what troubles you, perhaps we can
     compare lives and weep.” 

He continued to tease and test the Time Lord’s patience, now positioned an arm’s distance from the Doctor. 



My, my. All those big guards with big guns.
  It’s like you don’t like me to drop by without any
                                  warning every once in a while.”

She smirked, tossing her hair behind her back,

“What? Got a new girlfriend you
              don’t want to tell me about?”


   They are simply there
   for your disposal at best,
   to provide you with—-
                   a bit of fun.” 

He sat at the head of the table, feet posted on the surface, relaxed. 

   “I’d rather you have to figure it out for yourself,
            no fun in telling, is there?”


      “—I am really not in the mood.
      Unless you’ve come bearing gifts,
      now is not the time to bother me.”

     “Is my presence not a gift in itself? 
     C’mon, where’s the old smile and twinkle of hope?

“Let me guess—-
     the Doctor has finally grown tired of the universe!”



      “—get out of here, Koschei.”

“No, no.. I believe now is the perfect time to talk.”