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timelordpsychopath whispered:

""Oh, I’m sorry. Did that hurt?""


The Doctor gritted his teeth, struggling against his bonds as pain seared through him again.

"Master— stop this," he ground out. "Whatever this is about, whatever you want, you don’t have to take it by force."

The Master towered over him, having just tightened the ropes. “It’s no use, Doctor,” he confirmed by giving a jolt to the ropes that held the Time Lord in place.

"What’s wrong, Doctor? Afraid you can’t stop me this time," he jeered, "Come on, put up a fight, enough chatter! Lest I get my way, now you don’t want that do you?" He grinned widely, "Whatever this is about." He echoed in a singsong. 

I bet you’d look beautiful, covered in blood

At my feet

Begging me to let you live


                                                          { what is he? }

                                               a          l o n e l y          s o u l
                                               searching    for    memories
                                               long                          forgotten

                                               an            empty             shell
                                               in a     d e c a y i n g     world
                                               looking for something more

                                               a    p   a   s   s   e   n   g   e   r
                                               on                 a                 plane
                                               that    will    never    take    off

                                               a           hollow           skeleton
                                               with   bones    made   out   of
                                               rotting                         stardust

                                                a mind made up of galaxies
                                               hidden    behind    a     mask
                                               of   death    and    destruction


1234halefire asked The Master or the Daleks?

Make me choose between two characters/shows/ships




River refused to meet his gaze. She’d only caught his eyes as she spoke, but realized it wasn’t a good idea much. It was almost painful in doing so. She knew he was right though—she should’ve known better. In her situation, she held no other choice than to listen, gritting her teeth together in frustration. The Master—why had she fallen for him? Why had she trusted him? The Doctor would’ve though.

Closing her eyes, she mentally cursed at herself, turning her head away as she processed his words. She couldn’t fight back or say something he could turn around against her. “You… apologize?" She scoffed, scowling as her eyes snapped open once more to meet his, her gaze cold and hardened. Seeing him amused wasn’t exactly helping the situation either. "I’m a challenge, many say, but perhaps I didn’t act as so towards you. Obviously, if you hadn’t heard me, I trusted you. I had all the reasons too, and a part of me warned me not to. Something took over that common sense—blinded me." She spoke out then, her voice sudden and crisp, matching her gaze.

"Oh," his features softened, tilting his head lightly, but it was mockery. "My dear, dear Miss Song. What blinded you so? Was it love I dare wonder?” He jeered, his hands remained clasped behind his back; he looked through her, his eyes piercing, cold but lively. He shook his head in pity, “Given my history, as you are so familiar with, River, I am not one to be taken lightly in an sense or form. You should have listened to the quiet voice in the back of your head, perhaps you will from now on. Look at you now, striving to remain the strong embodiment you once were, go ahead, try to keep up that wall, I’ve seen past it, there is no fooling me, Miss Song.” He ridiculed her, taunted her, daring her to counter his words, which would prove difficult with the knowledge he held over her. 

He played with his cuffs, loosing interest in the woman, adjusting the buttoning of his sleeves on his fine suit. “The humiliation,”  he spoke up, now loosening his tie, “Tell me, how does it feel?” He mocked her. “To crawl back to the ones who truly cared for you? After the devastation you brought upon them, through me of course. A traitor, oh my dear, it’s far too late to redeem yourself. You’re mine, now and forever, the only one to welcome you as you are. A killer, murderer, psychopath.” He continued to provoke her. “There’s no point in turning back now Melody.” He used her name, a nerve, his purpose was to receive a reaction. 

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Imagine your icon setting your house on fire with their current expression.


She knew who he was as soon as he stepped out from the shadows. The man whose voice was gentle, but his ways not. She watched him curiously, stance rigid as he stumbled closer. Honey hues narrowed slightly, of course he knew her. She rose, her hand dropping her skirts. “Seemed like a good idea when I thought you were human.” she stated, her voice gentle and soft. He seemed mesmerizing, even if he was have mad. Sort of like he might start hugging puppies or kicking them, probably the latter.

Her fingers almost itched to run through his hair, wondering if it was as soft as it looked. She shook the thoughts from her head, focusing on him more intently. “Oh, and I think I’d recognize you anywhere, Mr. Saxon.” his false identity stated in a mocking tone. She smirked a bit as he watched her curiously, a single brow arched in confusion. “What can I say? I’m a very pretty gal. I get around… and so do you apparently.” she added, frowning a bit. She shrugged it off however, smiling gently at him. “Plus you look so sweet when you’re confused.” she teased, her smile growing a bit as her eyes found his. 

He chuckled at her fondly, clearly in a good mood, though that may change in an instant. “Oh, I would assume so, yes.” He played along, patting his head before folding his fingers together in front of him. He gave his back to her as he walked a few steps into the dark, only turning when a laugh escaped his throat, “Very very confident in yourself, aren’t you? Miss Tyler.” He crouched down, elbows resting over his knees, a result in not sleeping for days on end. His energy low. “Very pretty indeed,” he mused, no need to hold back, he had nothing to lose. The woman reminded him of an old face, cloudy in his memory but the name Lucy Saxon rang in the back of his mind. Ah yes, poor little Lucy. He was rather fond of her at the time. 

He ran a hand over his jaw back and forth, as if in thought, “Holding back, Rosie? There’s something you’re not telling me.” He commented plainly, staring at her intently. Her aura was stronger than that of a mere human, a certain glow radiated from within her, non-visible of course. The spark in her eyes when she first called him out, he had seen it, and it reminded his of home. “There’s something awfully familiar about you, but,” he laughed shaking his head as he jumped back to his feet, standing tall, “I can’t put my finger on it.” He snickered, approaching her once again without caution. “Come on,” he whined, “Tell me.”

bookofspoilers whispered:

"“I trusted you!”"

        “You should have known better, Miss Song.” The voice echoed
     as the Master himself towered over her, hands clasped behind
     his back without so much as giving her a glance. “Honestly, a
     woman of your stature and yet,” he shook his head in false
     disappointment. “Child’s play.” He chuckled to himself, turning
     at the heel so that he may face her. “You should know better.”
     He chided playfully, shaking a finger before pressing it to his lips,
     giving a light hum. 

       ”You proved to be more gullible than I imagined,” he said with a
     sense of glee, as if this pleased him. His amusement was evident
     over his expression, eyes lit, mouth formed into a grin. “Trust is
     not a virtue to be tampered with, I understand, but,” he paused,
     palms upward, eyes narrowed, “C’mon!” His accent kicking in with
     his displeasure. “I expected you to be more of a challenge, and for
     that, I apologize my dear River.”


Rose sighed as she appeared in her usual alleyway, not far from her flat. She’d just been visiting Vastra and Jenny, so she’d look quite unusual to modern London. Her hair was elegantly done up, a single curl framing her face. Her dress was a very beautiful for that era, a crimson corset covered in black lace. The skirts long and black, not very heavy just in case she needed to pick them up and run. The only thing remotely modern was her smoky eye makeup, which no one really noticed then anyway.

She twirled on her heel, her hands picking up her skirts as she made her way towards the entrance to a back alley. She’d definitely get looks if she just swaggered down the street in this. That was when she sensed something, her eyes flashing gold in response. She froze, turning again and dropping her skirts hesitantly. “Might as well come out now, eh? I know you’re there.” She called to the seemingly empty alleyway, she bent slowly at the waste, one hand raising her skirt as the other slowly drifted to the handle of the dagger concealed in her boot.


A low chuckle emitted from the back of the Time Lord’s throat, dark, playful, “Whoever said I was hiding?” He asked with a hint of amusement, back resting against the building paralleled to the one across, creating the alley. His soiled but gentle hands rose up to his head to remove the hood, tossing it back with a snap of his wrists. He craned his neck for a better look at the woman, the street lamps barely illuminated her figure as the darkness of night took control. His features turned to one of mirth followed by light laughter, eyes tapered, as he clapped slowly, “You’re going to threaten me with a knife, really?” He was certainly mad, unfazed by her attempt.

The Time Lord walked right up to her, in a half staggering way, he was unable to walk straight. “You must be Rose Tyler,” he pointed at her accusingly, almost excited by identifying her, “Yes!” He clapped again, once this time. “I remember,” he singsonged, “Reading your file back when I was Prime Minister, in the year that never was,” he laughed as if it were a joke. “The girl who traveled with the Doctor,” he spat. “Human pet.” He began to circle her, “Where is he? The Doctor, where is he?” Taking in a whiff of air, “You have time energy surrounding you, but not Time Lord scent, no.” He raised a brow in his confusion, taking a step back. “Time traveling without the Doctor then, but how.” He seemed to be talking more to himself than to her, nevertheless a smile returned to his face.